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There are many ways in which you can immigrate or relocate to the U.S. the simplest one, however, is by obtaining permission through an American-based employer. This would mean that you have found a U. S. employer who is willing to hire you, fill a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and sponsor your relocation. By having such an employer, you will be eligible for a green card, and will, therefore, also be eligible to live and work in the U.S.
Surely, there are other ways in which you can relocate to the U.S. You could self-petition (assuming you have an outstanding ability), be sponsored by a relative, apply and be accepted to an American institution, and receive a Student Visa, and more. however, when people speak of “relocation”, they usually refer to an immigration process via employment options.

 Job Relocation

If you work at a company that has a branch in the U.S. or one that works in collaboration with a U.S.-based organization, you might be able to ask for a job relocation. In many workplaces job relocations are considered a promotion, this is especially true for relocating to the U.S., where there are more growth opportunities. This is similar to obtaining a green card through an employer who sponsored your relocation. In other words, your current employer, based in America, will petition on your behalf, and thus, enable your relocation to the U.S.

 Relocation Services

Relocation services are a wide array of services that pertain to organizational business processes in which employees are transferred to different locations, specifically in our case to the U.S. Though this service is often performed by the human resources department, many large companies use external services, agencies or bodies who are well-versed in the relocation and immigration process.

Relocating an employee is an assignment that requires collaboration between international departments, one that demands a smooth transition, while also taking into account the personal challenges the employee might have. Most large companies anticipate all the obstacles their employee might face. That is why a job relocation, or one that is done through a sponsoring employee, can be one of the safest and easiest ways to relocate. That being said, if you are indeed relocating within your company to the U.S., you need all the help that you can get. Whether you are relocating with your family or on your own, at Relocate, we have just the program for you.

Few Facts about Immigration to the USA

Immigration has been a source of controversy for centuries. America is no different, with immigration being a major political topic in recent years. However, immigration to the USA can be broken down into a few key points about immigration to USA immigration that everyone should know. These are as follows:

  •  The people who immigrated to the USA in 2015 were more than 40 million people. It is worth noting that immigration to the USA has slowed down, but immigration still accounts for one-tenth of America’s population growth. This makes immigration to the USA one of the main reasons behind its currently high population levels.
  •  The majority of immigration into the United States comes from countries in Latin America and Asia. This immigration is mostly due to Mexico and India.
  •  The average immigrant has come to the USA for economic reasons. Another reason that immigrants come into the USA is because of political crises or wars that occur in their own country.
  • Many former refugees end up staying in the United States as immigration to the USA immigration. This is especially true in regions with turmoil, such as Africa and Haiti.
  • The USA has one of the largest immigrant populations around the world  Because immigrants make up a large portion of the United States’ population, they can be found all across America.
  • In 2015, immigration to the USA was at its highest point in American history. This could be due to several reasons but is most likely a result of a better economy and lax border control policies.
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