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Permanent residency is an immigration program that allows someone to live and work in Australia permanently. The document issued by the Australian government after a permanent resident has completed all health, security, and character testing is the criterion.
The main advantage for persons that go through the armament program is that they will not need to renew their visas or apply to prolong their stay in Australia after arrival. The government has made this initiative so immigrants can settle down in Australia and avoid the anxiety associated with visa expiration.

Permanent residents are permitted to invite family members to join them, seek Australian citizenship after four years of residency, and work anywhere in the country. Permanent residence is the most numerous category of people who come to Australia.

Steps to Apply for Permanent Residency in Australia

Every year over 300,000 people apply for Permanent residency in Australia. Although the process seems daunting, it isn’t all that complicated.

Make Sure You are Eligible for Permanent Residency in Australia

Once you’ve satisfied the requirements for an Australia PR visa, you’ll need to take part in the Australian Skill Assessment. Your profile will be thoroughly examined by a relevant skill-assessing authority connected with your profession during the Skill Assessment process. The following requirements should be met to apply for an Australian PR visa.

  1.   Should pass the Australia point test and obtain a minimum 65/130 points.
  2.   Should be under 45 years of age
  3.   Should possess competent proficiency in the English language
  4.   Should meet the required health requirements
  5.   Should meet the required character requirements
  6.   Should not be having any unresolved credits/debts to the Australian government
  7.   Ready to complete the Australian Values Statement

Skill Assessment

Once you’ve satisfied all the criteria for an Australian PR visa, you must apply to the Australian government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIAC). Your profile will be examined thoroughly by a relevant skill-assessing authority in your profession during the competence assessment procedure. A favorable skill assessment report is required to continue with your Australia PR visa application.

Submission of Expression of Interest:

The Skill Select will take several questions online about your educational and work history, skills & abilities, and any other relevant history about your professional career. The Department of Home Affairs in Australia as well as Australian businesses looking for employees with comparable skill sets will review your EOI. If you get an Invitation, you may continue to the next step.

Apply for an Australia PR visa

After receiving an invitation, you must apply for the Australia PR visa with relevant fee and documents to support your Australia PR visa application.
Providing inaccurate information, irrelevant documents not only delay your application but may also lead to refusal of your Australia PR application.
So it is always advisable to apply for an Australia PR visa with the correct information and all documents in the appropriate format.

Australia PR visa outcome
Once you submit your Australia PR application, the application will be assessed on three parameters given below:

  1. Is your Australia PR application meeting eligibility requirements set by DHA Australia?
  2. Have you submitted all the requirements as per the Australia PR visa documents checklist and paid the correct fee?
  3. Verification of your credentials.

It may take a few months for the DHA to decide on your Australian PR visa application. So, be patient and wait for the decision on your application. If your application meets all the parameters of an Australia PR visa, the result/decision will be positive and you will be granted an Australia PR visa. Now you need to enter Australia within a given date called the ‘Entry date’.