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Canada’s immigration policy is rooted in its colonial history, Canadian capitalism’s requirements, and free trade liberalism. Typically, in Canada, there are two categories for immigrants: economic class (applicants with skills needed in the economy) and family class (those who can join their families in Canada).

Thousands of people from all around the world choose Canada as a preferred option for immigration due to its competitive advantages in terms of economy, stability, and quality of life. In today’s environment, becoming a Canadian citizen is simple for immigrants, since many programs assist them with the application process. Canada is often called “a country of immigrants” because it has people who can trace their family roots back to all parts of the world. Currently, there are over 200 ethnic origins represented in Canada, and the visible minority population accounts for approximately one-third of the Canadian population (Statistics Canada). Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of people who can contribute to the economy through employment or entrepreneurship. The top four source countries for new immigrants in 2021 were China (28%), EU countries (17%), the Philippines (6%), and Australia (5%). From this entry, you will learn about:

Few facts about immigration to Canada

  1. Skilled Worker Program, Federal Business Immigrant Program, Provincial Nominee Program and Canadian Experience Class are the four primary immigration programs in Canada. The Skilled Worker Program is the most common immigration program for people who want to reside in any province or territory except Quebec, which has its own set of rules.
  2. Europe is the main source of immigration to Canada, for example, 6.7% of people living in Quebec are European immigrants.
  3. Canada is a welcoming country that takes immigration seriously, and it offers options to everyone who wants to migrate there. The majority of immigrants come from Europe approximately 17%.
  4. Immigrants have boosted the population of Canada and helped to sustain its high living standards. Immigration is an important part of Canada’s success because it helps to address these demographic challenges, as well as provides benefits for all Canadians.
  5. Canada has one of the most diversified immigration systems in the world, with around 40 different visa types available under five categories: economic immigration, family immigration, refugee migration, and other categories such as visitors and foreign labor.

The best program for immigration to Canada

The best program for immigration to Canada is the Express Entry immigration system. The immigration program is run by immigration officials and selects foreign workers who can add to Canada’s economy in many ways. While immigration through Express Entry provides equal opportunity to all those wishing to immigrate, those from European countries may have a slight edge. According to experts at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), immigration officials will classify applicants as “Interested, Eligible, or Ineligible” based on a variety of criteria. These classifications are determined by the applicant’s age; level of education; previous immigration history; and job experience among other things.

CIC immigration law expert Carmen Hildalgo says, “It is easier for European citizens to be placed into the ‘Interested’ category”. This Applicants who reside in nations with high immigration rates to Canada, such as China and India, will be disadvantaged unless they have the qualifications Canadian immigration authorities are searching for.

Express Entry immigration system

Express Entry is an online application system that is open to people from all over the world who want to immigrate or work and live in Canada. Express Entry awards candidates with 439 (CRS) Comprehensive Ranking System points or higher with an Invitation To Apply (ITA) to submit a complete immigration application, which is then processed by the immigration authorities. The express entry immigration system awards candidates who are qualified for immigration under the Express Entry immigration system and allows them to work or study in Canada. The immigration authorities evaluate the applicant’s immigration application using Canada’s immigration system criteria, which uses a six-point scale to assess elements such as education level, work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability. The Express Entry immigration system offers candidates an ITA or an Invitation to Apply for Immigration that allows them to submit their application under the immigration system.

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