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December 21, 2022

How to Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada?

Are you considering applying for PR in Canada? This article provides an overview of the process of application for permanent residence in Canada, including information about the different types of applications, eligibility requirements, and the documents needed to complete your application.

Application for permanent residence in Canada – what does it look like?

How to apply for permanent residence in Canada? The process involves several steps such as:

  • Gathering documents – the first step in the application process for permanent residence in Canada is to gather all the necessary documents. These may include the generic application form to Canada, background information about your jobs, studies, vacations or being a homemaker, travel documents, passport, proof of language proficiency, identity or civil status documents as well as children’s information (if applicable). If you want to learn more, see the detailed document checklist.
  • Completing the application – the next step is to complete the application form. This can be done online or on paper. The application form asks for detailed information about the applicant, such as personal details, family history, job history, and education. The application form also includes questions about your intentions for settling in Canada, as well as your criminal record.
  • Paying applicable fees to complete the application for permanent residence in Canada, you’ll have to pay the necessary fees that can vary depending on the type of application and the number of family members included in the application.
  • Submitting your application – the last step is to submit the completed application form and all supporting documents either online or by mail. Depending on the type of application, the processing time can take up to several months.

How long does the process take and what happens next?

The processing time for an application for permanent residence in Canada depends on the type of application, the number of family members, and the completeness of the application. You can check the average processing time on the official government website by selecting the application type and economic class.

Depending on the type of application, you may need to attend a mandatory interview to verify your identity and background. If approved, you’ll receive a permanent residence card, and you’ll be able to apply for jobs, health insurance, and other services available to permanent residents.

What are the requirements for applying?

How to apply for PR in Canada? In order to do it, you have to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • being a permanent resident of Canada;
  • being physically present in Canada (you must have been at least 730 days in Canada in the last 5 years);
  • having employment records and bank statements;
  • having Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Notice of Assessment;
  • having rental agreements or club memberships;
  • having evidence that you have received benefits from the Canadian government.

You can also submit an immigration reference letter written by community members. It’s a great way to streamline the proceeding. Want to learn how to write an immigration letter? Check out our blog.

The takeaway

Application for permanent residence in Canada is a complex process, but it’s possible if you meet the eligibility criteria and have the right documents. If you’re looking for help, learn about different types of immigration to Canada or contact us.

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