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Canada’s immigration policy is designed to attract people who want to live there permanently. Economic, family, refugee, and humanitarian migration are all considered under this category.

Under the Canada Skilled Workers Program, immigrants are given points according to their age, education, work experience, language proficiency in English or French, and knowledge of a second official language.

In addition, Canada’s immigration policy supports family reunification. In this way, immigrants can bring their spouses and dependent children with them when moving to Canada. Canada’s immigration policy is designed to attract young, talented people who will become permanent residents and citizens of the country.

Permanent residence

Permanent residence is a legal right that allows immigrants to live and work in Canada. Most permanent residents become Canadian citizens after living in the country for at least three years.

International Immigrants can easily apply for permanent residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements and must receive a minimum score on Canada’s official language test, as well as have work experience in a skilled profession.

Whoever has Permanent residence in Canada can benefit from its excellent education system and the job market. permanent residents can sponsor close family members to join them in Canada, as well as apply for citizenship through naturalization after the required period of permanent residency is complete.

International immigrants living in Canada on a permanent resident visa are allowed to remain when they leave the country, but unlike citizens, they cannot vote or hold certain government jobs. Permanent residents are also required to pay taxes and have access to most social benefits, but they cannot run for public office or hold certain sensitive jobs.

What are the requirements of Canada Immigration?

The requirements to join the express entry Canada immigration system are quite straightforward. Candidates cannot be any older than 44 years old (there may be some exceptions), hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and have one year of work experience in their field of study.

Candidates must also produce evidence that they will become financially self-sufficient while residing in the country.

A candidate will be assessed on a 100-point scale, which takes into account education and work experience as well as language abilities in at least one of English or French. Applicants are then ranked according to this point system. If you wish to do the process with your family, you have to fill the forms for your spouse and each of your dependent children.

The requirements are similar, but applicants must be 18 years old or older. Dependents under the age of 22 who are full-time students, may also apply. Several requirements can also be waived if the candidate has ties to Canada, such as a spouse, parents, or grandparents.

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