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Immigration with the family is not an easy task to move family members over to the USA. There are several steps involved in a family immigration plan and it does require a lot of planning and paperwork.

Family immigration has been doing very well in the USA. family immigration has increased by 14% in the last few years although this was never an easy task to accomplish.

For that and more, many people had decided to complete the process with an comprehensive plan that will help them cover and personalize the immigration plan according to their needs, wishes, wills, and many times also capabilities.

How to immigrate with the family 

The first thing you need to do is determine how many family members you’re applying with and which category they fall into. Some family members can immigrate with a family immigration plan include spouses, children, parents,  adult children, brothers, and sisters.

To succeed in the process – you will have to think of your children`s education, family life, family income, family health insurance.

Of course, you shall complete the necessary documentation and you would probably like to improve your family`s and your language skills.

Plan the immigration with your family: Check List

This family immigration checklist is to help you in the family green card process. This family immigration plan will guide you in each step of your family immigration and it will provide you with a family immigration checklist so that you will not miss any important family immigrant application requirements or family-related travel documents.

This family immigration checklist begins with the family immigration applications that require processing before you go for a green card interview and family-related documents that will be required to make your family immigration successful.  The family immigration checklist also provides family-related medical examination tips and family immigration forms that you must fill out. This family green card checklist continues with family immigration to-do items after the interview.

Take a look at this list of recommended things to do during the family green card process:

  1. Choose the right state for your family immigration ( by taxes, education level, costs of living, etc)
  2. Know the US banking system better.
  3. Apply for a family green card
  4. Family medical examination tips and family immigration forms to fill out.
  5. Address all family issues (for marriage, common law marriage, etc.) before applying for a family green card.
  6. Get family interview tips for green card family applications

To organize all these family immigration to-do items, it is recommended that you set up a family green card calendar.

When you get stuck on your immigration application, sometimes all you need is an experienced immigration consultant to get unstuck! An Immigration consultant will help you through the complicated process of getting a green card or becoming an American citizen. You’ll meet once every week for 8 weeks with one-hour meetings that are tailored just for YOU because we know each story is different and your needs are unique.

Please see the programs below that will cover all the immigration process for your Family!

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