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A Temporary Foreign Worker Visa is a Canadian visa that allows workers to stay in Canada temporarily. Temporary work visas are tied to one employer and must be renewed every 2 years. Temporary worker visas can be set up for various lengths of time, and for both full and part-time work in Canada. Temporary workers can renew their visas if they continue working for the same employer and can apply to stay in Canada permanently after four years (from when they first arrive).

Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for foreigners all over the world. Temporary workers are becoming more and more common in Canada due to the high rate of unemployment in many countries. They come with different statuses, depending on their working location and employer, but can all expect some kind of legal protection while here. Temporary workers come in many forms, including guest workers who may become permanent residents after a set period, students, and monied persons able to finance their stay. Temporary employees are crucial in Canada since they allow both the training of Canadians for various professions and the engagement of Canadian citizens in jobs that aren’t done by native-born citizens.

Canadian Employers

Canadian employers are responsible for ensuring that temporary foreign workers are paid the same as their Canadian counterparts. Temporary foreign workers are entitled to be paid at least the general standard of pay, also known as the “prevailing wage” for work performed in a specific occupation and region. Foreign workers, like Canadian citizens, must also be paid at least the minimum wage for their province. Under the Immigration and Protection Act, foreign workers must be paid at least the minimum wage and other rules protect them from discrimination and exploitation. These protections apply not only to foreign nationals who reside in Canada permanently; they also extend to those seeking employment as government workers abroad, consultants working for international businesses inside Canada.

Who Can Apply for a Temporary Foreign Worker Visa?

To be eligible for a temporary foreign worker visa in Canada, you need to fulfill certain conditions. Canada has set some rules that are mandatory for all applicants to follow. Canada has established their rules and regulations because the country aims to protect its immigrants and wants to make sure that they protect themselves from any exploitation or terrorist attack. The base criteria for the foreign temporary worker program are:

  • You must have a job offered to you in Canada;
  • You must have the finances to support your stay and your family’s stay in Canada;
  • No criminal record;
  • You must prove that you are not a threat to the national security of Canada;
  • You must be in good health;
  • You must prove that you will not work for an employer that offers striptease, erotic dance, erotic massage, or escort services.

How Will It Work?

Once applied to the temporary foreign worker program, you will be assigned with an immigration consultant from Relocate Ltd that will be your assistant for the entire process. Here are the steps that you will go through:

  1. Documents and forms gathering – first and foremost, your immigration consultant will begin by creating an online account and gathering your documents and forms that will be used for the application.
  2. After completing the documents, you will need to attach them in the “My Documents” section so that your immigration consultant will upload them properly.
  3. CV creation – the next step would be for you to draft a solid CV that will be applied for relevant Jobs according to your skills and expertise. the CV will be designed in the most professional way that will increase the chances for the most desirable Jobs.
  4. Job applications- the immigration consultant will start by applying your file for the most relevant positions available through the job bank of the Canadian employers that allowed hiring foreign workers.
  5. Login details – you will have login details to all the systems to see where the process stands at any given time.
  6. Mentorship – you will go over the mentorship session to be fully prepared for the relocation to a new country.
  7. Visa applications – once getting approved, the immigration consultant will cover everything needed for the visa application.
  8. Interviews – after applying for the jobs of your preference, the immigration consultant will schedule job interviews to be conducted by Canadian employers that reply with you before you arrived in Canada.
  9. After arriving – once arrived in a new country for work, your immigration consultant will assist you with anything that might come up so that you don’t run into problems.

Foreign Temporary Worker Visa

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Foreign Temporary Worker Program
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