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Holiday Work Visa Germany is given by the Government of Germany for short-term visits from non-EU nationals. It allows the short-term stay in Germany for a maximum period of 12 months. this way is a perfect chance to explore the country that is famous for its rich culture and history. Holiday Work Visa Germany can be a great way to gather valuable work experience in one of the most important countries in Europe.

Employment opportunities for Holiday Work Visa 

Working and traveling jobs are not full-time employees, but rather seasonal and summer employment. Typically, foreign nationals are inexperienced, but the great news is that you don’t have to be. Furthermore, international travelers who want to work in Germany during their holiday can find employment quickly and easily for one of the most significant European nations. there are numerous work positions you can apply for, under the holiday work visa such as:

  • Landscaping and Farming Jobs 
  • Restaurant Work
  • Working as a camp counselor or an activity leader for children or teenagers.
  • All kinds of Event jobs such as Fairs, Festivals & Culinary Events, etc. (This is one of the best ways to find employment as foreigners can easily find work as events staff).
  • IT Jobs such as PC Repairs, Helpdesk, and Computer Sales.
  • Office jobs such as administrative assistants or legal assistants. 
  • Hotel and Catering Jobs such as hotel staff, restaurant staff, bar & pub staff.
  • Manufacturing and Production Jobs such as assembly line and factory work. (The biggest requirements for foreigners are physical strength and endurance).
  • au pair in a family.

Relocate Ltd can offer great opportunities to people who want to relocate and work in Germany. We are specialized in finding the best jobs available, so we can help you find the right position!

Terms and requirements of the Holiday Work Visa 

Applicants are required to submit their applications well in advance of their planned date of departure, although the earliest deadline is three months before travel dates. The Working Holiday visa application may take one to two weeks to complete. Depending on the circumstances, this time frame might change from case to case. the time you are allowed to stay in Germany under this Visa is 12 months. To stay in Germany under a holiday work visa, foreigners will need to meet certain requirements set by the German Government: 


You need to be 18-30 years old 


You don’t need to have a high level of education to apply, however it will be very useful for you to have a university degree for a better paying job.


You have to come from one of the following countries: Australia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Israel, Japan, New Zealand. 


You need to have enough funds to support your flights and expenses for the first period. 

How will it work? 

Once applied to the program, you will be assigned with an immigration case Manager from Relocate Ltd that will be your assistant for the entire process.

Here are the steps that you will go through:

  1. Documents and forms gathering – your immigration case manager will contact you and will request to provide the Documents needed for the applications.
  2. After completing the documents, you will need to attach them in the “My Documents” section so that your immigration consultant will upload them properly.
  3. CV creation- the next step would be redesigning your CV according to the destination country format.
  4. Form submissions- you will be provided with all the forms and documents you need to come with to the interview.
  5. booking interview- you will be booked with an interview for your best time to attend.
  6. interview preparation- we will help you prepare for the interview in the German embassy.

Relocate Ltd is the perfect choice for those looking to relocate to Germany for work. We provide a comprehensive relocation plan that covers all the necessary steps and services required for a smooth transition. Our team of experienced professionals will make sure your move is handled with care and precision, so you can focus on starting your new life in Germany worry-free. 

Holiday Work Visa

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Bureaucratic Preparation and Form Submission
Documents Gathering
CV Design and Job Search
Personal Case Manager