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The Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program is a program that helps immigrants immigrate to Canada. It helps them settle in Canadian society by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be able to integrate into Canadian culture and values. The program aims at helping all immigrants regardless of their background, sex, age, religion, employment status, and field. As well as to help regional employers meet their labor needs through the use of streamlined immigration processes. The program also provides Canada with highly skilled immigrants that will boost Canada’s economy.

The Nova Scotia PNP consider more accessible compering to other Relocation programs. This program has low requirements when it comes to Canada. Also, Canada doesn’t require medical exams or background checks. Applicants of this program don’t need post-secondary education and the requirement of previous work experience for Canada is not mandatory which makes Nova Scotia PNP very easy to get in Canada. 

For many people, Nova Scotia PNP becomes the perfect choice in terms of Relocation to Canada for many reasons, especially because Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. Canada provides efficient pathways to permanent residency through Canada Express Entry, and Nova Scotia PNP may be the best to apply for permanent residency. 

Advantages of Nova Scotia for Immigrants 

Nova Scotia is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. Immigrants can find many opportunities through the provincial nominee program including job prospects, education opportunities, and rural farming opportunities. Immigrants that want a greater quality of life should take advantage of these opportunities. Nova Scotia is also the ideal location for Immigrant families to live, with its lower cost of living and small family communities throughout the province. Immigrants moving to Nova Scotia will find that life in Nova Scotia has a slower pace than in other parts of Canada. This allows immigrants to connect better with the local communities and feel more at home. There are many small towns, while still having access to all of the facilities of a large city through Halifax.

Nova Scotia’s provincial nominee program is designed to assist skilled and unskilled immigrants and international students in coming to the province. Applicants can use this system to apply for immigration directly to Nova Scotia through it. The nominee program also allows applicants to reside and work throughout the province, which is a significant benefit over other provinces’ immigration systems. 

The low cost of living in Nova Scotia is one of the major advantages of moving there. Nova Scotia has lower housing costs than other Canadian provinces however, it provides many facilities that immigrants from other locations may be familiar with.

Nova Scotia’s population is decreasing, which opens up many opportunities for immigrants to buy land in the province. For many newcomers, this is a fantastic alternative since it offers a lower cost of living as well as the chance to acquire farms.

Nova Scotia is also an excellent choice for immigrant families looking for a more family-oriented community. Nova Scotia’s school system has been gradually getting more family-friendly as the population decreases. Families have several options through the provincial nominee program, including the ability to remain in the same school district after moving to Nova Scotia.

Occupations in Demand

Nova Scotia has a unique culture that is a mix of the present way of life for the families in Nova Scotia. Around 85% of Nova Scotian residents live with their family or married life. Furthermore, each year, several new immigrants settle in Nova Scotia, and those from different country cultures want to combine their family lives with Nova Scotia’s customs.

Nova Scotia immigrants find it very easy and delightful living in this province due to several reasons like:

  • Family lifestyle
  • Friendly people
  • low living expenses.
  • Education system (public schools).

Family Lifestyle

Nova Scotia’s Provincial Nominee Program Job Streams are open to applicants who want to work in the province. This is a great opportunity for immigrants, allowing them to live and work throughout Nova Scotia. Job seekers can search through Nova Scotia Job Bank for job opportunities available through the provincial nominee program. These jobs include a variety of work, from service and manufacturing to agricultural and trades. Job opportunities are available throughout the province, making it easier for immigrants to find jobs that suit their expertise.

Nova Scotia Job Bank also provides immigrants with information on training opportunities through the provincial nominee program Job Streams. Many companies in Nova Scotia offer education assistance programs that allow employees to learn new skills and trade certifications. Job seekers often have the opportunity to qualify for these programs after working with a company for some time under training. These are great opportunities for immigrants looking to gain experience in new fields or advance their careers.

Nova Scotia seeking employees in different fields, such as:

  • NOC 3413 (Nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates)
  • NOC 6513 (Food and beverage servers)
  • NOC 6711 (Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, and related support occupations)
  • NOC 6731 (Light duty cleaners)
  • NOC 7511 (Transport truck drivers),
  • NOC 7521 (Heavy equipment operators (except crane)), or
  • NOC 7611 (Construction trades helpers and laborers)


The Salary usually paid in Nova Scotia is between $10 and $30 an hour. The immigrants who come to Nova Scotia for a better life can earn up to 100,000 Canadian dollars yearly. immigrants are allowed to apply for jobs in Canada without experience. 

There are many opportunities for immigrants to find jobs such as working at a grocery store or gas station, servers, retail workers, and others with easy access. 

more advanced Jobs are also required by Nova Scotia and can provide a higher salary for immigrants with better education, qualifications, and experience. the immigrants are also supported by the local government to find jobs or employers can sponsor immigrants for their business. 


Who Can Apply ?

To be eligible for the Canada Nova Scotia Nominee Program you need to fulfill certain conditions. Canada has set some rules that are mandatory for all applicants to follow.

base criteria are:

  • Be between 21 and 55 years of age
  • Have a minimum of 1 year of full-time work experience in a skilled trade within the last 3 years (or the equivalent hours in part-time work)
  • Gained this work experience with all the proper provincial work permits and authorization
  • Have graduated from a Canadian high school or university, or a recognized educational institution abroad (requires Educational Credential Assessment)
  • Speak, read, write, and listen in English or French at the required level (CLB 7 for NOC 0 and A, and CLB 5 for NOC B)
  • Demonstrate an intention to live in the Province of Nova Scotia, and become economically established in the region

People should not submit a Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry category application if they are:

  • They are not citizens or legal residents of their current country of residence.
  • Planning to work a job that is at least level C or D on the National Occupational Classification (NOV) scale
  • A refugee claimant (or failed refugee claimant), a humanitarian or compassionate grounds applicant, or a Canadian citizen’s parent, grandparent, spouse, or common-law partner living in Canada
  • Someone who is illegally in Canada, banned from entering Canada, or under a removal order
  • He or she is not allowed to live in his or her nation of primary residence lawfully.
  • A Canadian university or college student who is a foreign national
  • A student who has received funding from a foreign government or agency and is, as a result, contractually bound to return home
  • A resident of Canada who currently holds a federal NOC C or D work visa
  • A spouse of an international student enrolled in a Canadian educational institution (post-secondary) who is not yet in their final academic year
  • Someone who is currently caught in child support or custody dispute that has not been resolved.
  • In a sales job that is entirely reliant on commission as pay
  • A Caregiver living in a rural area
  • Anyone who wants to establish a business in Nova Scotia as a self-employed person, or who is currently self-employed and wishes to convert their company into a corporation.

How long it may take?

After completing the registration and the applications the processing time for eligible applications can be three (3) months or more. at this time, you should receive the invitation to Nova scotia. with that being said the final Approval depends on the Government Approval and the time of the process may depend on case to case.

How will it work?

Once applied to the program, you will be assigned with an immigration Case Manager from Relocate Ltd that will be your assistant for the entire process.

here are the steps that you will go through: 

  1. Documents and forms gathering– first and foremost, your immigration Case Manager will begin by creating an online account and gathering your documents and forms that will be used for the application.
  2. Profile creation– your case manager will attach all your Documents under the same file and will create your employment possibilities in different fields.
  3. CV creation– the next step would be for you to draft a solid CV that will be applied for relevant Jobs according to your skills and expertise. the CV will be designed in the most professional way that will increase the chances for the most desirable Jobs.
  4. IELTS preparation- you will be provided with a dedicated English course that will make you prepared for the IELTS exam and will assist you to successfully pass the exam with high results. also, you will be booked with an online exam.
  5. Application submission in the governmental site – your case manager will submit your reviewed application at the governmental site, providing the applicant with the confirmation details login credentials to track the progress.
  6. Profile creating at the Nova Scotia provincial site – filing the nominee registration approval at the dedicated provincial site. 

Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia Advanced

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