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The IELTS English test and WES (World Education Services) evaluation are both procedures every foreigner has to go through when applying for immigration to Canada. These two evaluation services can help immigrants determine their eligibility to apply for the Canadian Express Entry program to obtain permanent residency. WES and IELTS evaluations prove to be helpful for immigrants who wish to apply for express entry, which is an express line for permanent residency. This program allows applicants to submit their credentials online so they can get a more accurate assessment of the waiting time required before immigrating. The express entry pool is refreshed every two weeks so applicants are advised to use up all their points at the moment they earn them, otherwise, they may lose these points.

WES Evaluation Explained

The World Education Services is an organization that allows you to send your credentials to them for free, and once they are received they will translate the documents into their native language. They also will describe your education level in that country’s common language. The express entry system now uses WES as the first step of the Express Entry process, which means WES is necessary for Canada permanent residency.

IETLS Evaluation explained

IELTS is an internationally-recognized English test that assesses the ability of non-native English speakers to express themselves in terms of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This way, students who may have a different native language can express themselves fluently enough to be accepted for admission to a Canadian university or college. While express entry has its points for English proficiency, it does not provide enough points to make up for the extreme lack of available express entry applicants with high English scores. IETLS provides an extra 600 express entry points (bringing their express total up to 1600) for applicants who score 7 or higher on the IETLS test. This means that any applicant who scores a 6 or higher in one category of express, and a 7 or higher on the IETLS would get express entry to Canada.

CRS Score

The CRS (core-based selection) score is also known as the express entry score. It counts the points immigrants get every time they express interest in immigrating to Canada through express entry; which is an express line for permanent residency. Every applicant who wants to come to Canada must get his/her WES & IELTS evaluated, which helps express entry managers know if they can invite him/her to submit an express entry profile. Once this is done, the express entry pool will be refreshed every two weeks and eligible candidates will receive a point total based on their age, language skills, education credentials, and work experience. Those who get enough points compared to others (and express interest in immigrating to Canada) will receive an ITA (invitation to apply) for permanent residency. Candidates need a minimum of 60 express entry points to express their interest in immigrating through express entry. They also need at least a third-party language test score report and a document with education credentials that have been notarized or verified by WES or IELTS.

Full Board Coverage (what do we do)

Relocate Ltd can help you get your WES and IELTS evaluations done. You can send all of your documents to us by uploading them on our website, or by sending them to our email address directly. We will then send you your evaluated documents (for now they are in English) and give you an estimated score value for the express entry system. This way, candidates can make sure they participate in this pool before obtaining their scores, so they can maximize their chances of getting invited to apply for permanent residency by As well as checking your profile against WES to make sure all job opportunities are properly matched, we will also do the same for IELTS; making sure that your language proficiency is enough to immigrate. At the end of this full board evaluation plan, you should receive an email with all of your scores and how many points you are away from meeting the requirements. You will then need to decide which direction you want us to go with your application (under 1000 points, under 600 points, etc.). If you choose to use our full board evaluation plan for your IELTS test prep, everything is done online so there’s no need for you to do anything! You will receive weekly updates letting you know how well you are doing. Once the testing period has concluded, we will mark your test and let you know what the final score is.

Express Entry + WES & IELTS

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